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Imagine you're in a rush getting coffee but you see an attractive, potential love interest. You make eye contact, smile but you don't have time to chat. You reach into your pocket, grab a profile tag and hand it to your potential interest as you are leaving. With that profile tag they can access your online dating profile and send you a message!

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How it Works

As you create a profile, profile tags are simultaneously being created and will be shipped to your home. Printed on the card is qr code and a customized message. When the qr code is scanned by a smart phone, the user is taken to your dating profile and can send you a message instantly!

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QR Code

A qr code is a quick response code that is used to take a piece of information from this type of bar code and put in to your cell phone. You will need a qr code scanner app on your phone to scan the qr code, we recommend the free app ScanLife.

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